Letter # 1040 Cancer patient in need Letter #1040

Dear Santa,

I work for St. Joseph Health Regional Cancer Care. I work with some amazing cancer patients each and every day; as do my colleagues. We have several patients that have some real needs. I know that Christmas is over a month away, but some of these needs are more urgent, so I thought I would tell you ahead of time.

Maryann is a 72 year old senior who has breast cancer. She has been a very difficult patient for us and probably struggles with mental health issues. She isolates herself by her behavior and does not have family or friend support. We feel that she could benefit from a Visa gift card so that she can spend it on needs that she has. She would not benefit from a Target card, she does not like big box stores etc.

I know that she would be grateful for any help that is available.

Thank you Santa for helping me with Maryann.

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