Letter # 118 Elderly, low income woman wishes for furnace repair and dental work Letter # 118

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Emma who lives in Santa Rosa.

I am writing to you today because Emma has a problem. Emma is low income and has just enough income to cover her basic needs. She is very debilitated with arthritis and mostly homebound. Her furnace is not functioning and she can't afford this unexpected expense. She worked very hard to be able to purchase her home many years ago and her income has decreased a lot since then as she had to stop working before she intended due to her health.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Emma out by granting this wish.
First choice is furnace evaluation and repairs (she thinks it may be ductwork that needs replacement). A 2nd choice would be dental work. She needs to have old fillings replaced and cannot afford this. A third request would be help with car payments. (She can't tolerate the bumpy ride on Paratransit and used all her savings to put a down payment on a used car.)

If Emma were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. If her furnace was working, she would stay warm and could avoid the higher cost of space heaters which she now uses. If dental were provided, her health would improve since her fillings are old and have mercury in them. If help with car payment was provided, she could redirect those funds to help meet her other basic needs.

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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