Letter # 1186 Mom hoping for gifts for children Letter #1186

My name is Jeanette and I live in Rohnert park.

I am writing to you today because my family has a problem. Just recently moved in to this complex rent is a expensive, my husband is the only one bringing in the income, a friend just donated a Christmas tree to us because this year we were not going to have one.

We are wishing that Secret Santa can help us out by granting this wish.
For my kids they would really love something to have to open on Christmas like warm clothing or toys. We wouldn't mind food either

If we were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. Most definitely the clothing will keep them warm that will be a very big help for us right now, toys will make them super happy and keep them busy. The way it will benefit my family would be in all sorts of ways, keeping my kids happy and having at least something for them to open on Christmas.

Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.
Boy,12, clothing size 12, shoes 7
Girl, 9, clothing size 8, shoes 5
Girl, 6, clothing size 5, shoes 12
Girl, 4, clothing size 4, shoes 11

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