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Hello, my name is Levina I am 23 and I am writing this letter in regards to my 8 month old niece. She is so beautiful and precious her little smile could brightened a room already. She is such a blessing to my family and I. When she was born we found out she had sickle cell anemia; it was so heart breaking we just didn't understand how someone so pure and innocent could have such a thing. My niece is my 20 year old sister's daughter. My sister is a young single mom who hasn't quite figured things out just yet. My sister was working a full time job before and up until her pregnancy through a temp agency before we found out the news. She is now unemployed and a full time stay at home mom because she fears seeking child care because any type of sickness another child may pass along to my niece can turn into something fatal due to her disease. My family all help out as much as we can to keep my niece nice and healthy but it is hard we have had to cut our work hours to be of help to my sister so she doesn't have to care for my niece alone. It will be my niece and sister's first Christmas together and I would like to ask for something extra special for them and my mom as well.
My sister and niece are both in need of beds to fit in the room my sister will be in. She would really need a full size bed and a crib bed for my niece. Also my mother has been there day in and day out always helping with my niece, taking her to her doctor visits and being up late hours with my niece.
I would like to ask for my mom a new Dark Brown, Black, or Tannish Brown sectional couch for her living room. She always does so much she has had to sacrifice so much for us as a mother alone and now with my niece so I would just like to surprise her something really nice because she has been such a blessing to my sister, and me and now my niece. Thank you for taking the time out to read my families story be blessed and happy holidays.

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