Letter # 1235 Desperate father asks for help Letter# 1235

I'm a single father of four. I also have an autistic Asperger child who has ADD ADHD so I'm working on trying to make sure he has a happy life. I just recently lost my job and our place of living is being threatened with eviction. I have barely any money to take care of that let alone utilities and on top of that my kids can't have a Christmas, because there's no income coming in.
I am also disabled. I don't do stress very well and I've been under a lot of stress lately and my kids are feeling it. It's really hard to put a smile on my face in front of them, because I'm worried that they're not going to have a very good Christmas this year. I've not been helped in the past, but now I'm needing help. Winters getting colder and I can't be on the streets with four kids. I'm trying to avoid it, but it's so hard. If anybody can help that be super great. Thank you whoever has helped us. I do appreciate it.
Boy,4,clothing size 6, shoe size 12…..legos, cars' paw patrol
Boy,10, clothing size large, shoe size 15……basketball
Girl,10, clothing size large, shoe size 4……artistic
Boy,12, clothing size large, shoe size 5……cars, minecraft.. Autistic

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