Letter # 1247 Family excited to back together Letter #1247

I am writing about a young mother of three who lives in our community in a half-way house. She is staying in this home with other mothers and children after graduating from a drug treatment program. She has worked so hard and has done everything to turn her life around so that her children can be reunited with her and finally her children are returning from foster care to live with her again. This family is so excited to be reunited and Christmas will be so special for them all.

Mom says she does not need anything for herself, but she does need some things for her girls.

Santa the first to return will be the one year old baby girl and she really needs a sturdy stroller, so that mom can take her safe and warm with her to classes and meetings that mom attends daily. Baby girl clothing in 18 month size and maybe some toys suitable for a one year old would be so wonderful and also maybe a warm baby blanket.
The older girls who are 9 and 11 will be returning next and could really use warm blankets and maybe clothes girl's youth size M and girl's youth size L, and possibly art supplies for winter projects or a game.

Thank you so much Santa!! Any help you can give this family will be so appreciated.

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