Letter # 165 Elderly man wishes microwave and food cards for better nutrtion Letter # 165

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Frank who lives in Santa Rosa.

I am writing to you today because Frank has a problem. Frank is a single disabled 77 year old man who is housebound and frail and unable to drive. He receives daily meals from Meals on Wheels and a monthly food box. He has been homeless at times in his life and now is fighting cancer, hearing and vision problems. He currently is able to rent a small room that he shares with a room mate and lives well below the poverty level. He lost his life partner recently when she died in her sleep.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Frank out by granting this wish. Frank needs gift cards for food. His meals from Meals on Wheels are often his only food source for the day. He also needs a microwave so he can heat his meals. Due to his health issues, it is not safe for him to operate a stove or oven. Frank could also benefit with some simple warm clothes.

If Frank were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. Having stable and ample nutrition would help Frank's quality of life immeasurably. He would gain more strength to help fight cancer and live a happier life. A microwave would give him the ability to be more self sufficient in heating / cooking meals for himself.

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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