Letter # 1767 Limited Income Wishes for an IPAD #1767

Dear Secret Santa,

There are many of us who work in the health care field. We try so hard to help those who struggle in daily living. We work tirelessly to save the world and are defeated often. So many times we see that a simple item can change the person we work with. Many of us spend our own funds trying to help, but know when to much is too much for our own pocket books.
I have been working with a client for over 10 years. She is kind, sweet and very shy, but suffers from severe anxiety. Due to her anxiety she at times harms herself. She is isolated because of this behavior. I believe having an iPad will assist her with a severe anxiety and keep her mind active so she does not hurt herself. Her income is very limited so she is unable to purchase one of her own.
She would be perfect for recipient for one of your keys listeners to bless her with an iPad or a gift card to purchase one on her own.


Struggling and Lost
Family Members

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