Letter # 1768 Working Hard Needs a Car #1768

Dear Secret Santa,

I am a struggling student enrolled in the Santa Rosa Junior College. I am hoping this fall semester to explore my interest in becoming a professional chef. I am in rolled in a couple of the culinary courses in order to see if I have what it takes to excel in this field. I am also taking a college writing skills development class in order to learn how to write essays. I have a bachelor’s of English from Texas State University with a minor in speech communications. I haven’t been a full-time student since graduating almost 20 years ago so right now I am re-learning how to be a good student.
One of my primary goals this semester would be to get a car. I walked I walk 2 miles to class in about three times a week in order to make it to class and to study and a car would be helpful to me. I also plan to use the car in order to go to the store, to get groceries, visit my family and to make trips to San Francisco in order to visit my friends. Taking the city bus has been helpful but it is very time consuming once a month I have to go to Cloverdale in order to see my therapist for 32 mile trip between Santa Rosa and Cloverdale takes about two hours if I take the bus and the four hour round trip really makes it difficult for me to other appointments and meetings scheduled on the same day if I had a car the same round-trip would take half the time.
Thank you so much for considering me as a potential recipient of a car I am also grateful for the Secret Santa program and believe that donating cars is a good service especially to those who need it I would really appreciate the car and it would make my life so much easier as a student.


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