Letter # 1781 Widow asking for basic needs #1781

This is not a request for me. This is for my dear 79 year old next door neighbor. She has recently lost her husband who was her main support. She is having a difficult time adjusting both emotionally and financially. She is a proud woman, and I know this is very hard for her. That is why I am reaching out. When I asked what I could pick up for her at the store, the one thing she said she was having trouble budgeting for were personal hygiene items-Kotex to be specific. This is heartbreaking to think that someone who has worked hard all her life is struggling in her twilight years. This is not an extravagent person, but one that needs help for daily essentials like food! I am so grateful for your kind and generous organization that allows me to share my neighbor’s story, and the ability to bring to light the older generation that are quietly suffering. I would love for her to have a monthly grocery gift card for the next year and for her not to have to worry where she will get money for her next meal. And of course anything that can make her quality of life better at this time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know my sweet neighbor will be thankful, too.
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