Letter # 180 Woman with sleep apnea needs help with cleaning equipment Letter # 180

Hello Secret Santa helpers

I have severe sleep apnea, which causes me to stop breathing 104 times every hour as I sleep naturally. I have used a medical bipap machine successfully for 8 years to reduce the number of times I stop breathing, now only twice per hour. This reduces the stress on my heart and lungs as well as prevents strokes.

I need a machine to clean my equipment daily. My insurance does not cover this expense and I am forced to wash all the parts of my equipment every day.

With a Soclean cpap/bipap cleaning machine I would be able to eliminate messy cleaning chores and eliminate two sinus infections every month due to inadequate sterilizations by hand-washing, hence my wish for this medical equipment.

I am grateful for this Secret Santa program and thank you for all your work for the many people in need.


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