Letter # 188 Man with challenges asks for help Letter # 188

My name is Kevin and I live in Petaluma.

I am writing to you today because I have a problem. Due to chronic depression exacerbated by a confluence of life's challenges (divorce, unemployment, loss of motivation etc) I lost every material thing in my life with the exception of the clothes on my back. Living at the MIC helped me get a foothold back into the world by providing me with shelter while regaining the dignity of employment, building up relationships and seeing a purpose to my existence. Currently the lack of transportation has limited my ability to provide a living wage. Working part time has helped me in many ways and I am now looking to expand my goals, find full time employment and provide for myself and in time, share with those in greater need. Reliable transportation will provide a needed boost to my available options.

I am wishing that Secret Santa can help me out by granting this wish. A reliable used car would be first on my list. Although a big ask, I understand that this may be beyond the scope of the secret santa process nevertheless, it must be the first on the list. Second would be a waterproof fleece lined jacket similar to a "LandsEnd Classic Squall Jacket" size XL in any color. Third need would be a pair of work/walking shoes such at the New Balance 978 in a size 12 D.

Thanks so my for your time, effort and good deeds!

If I were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. The fulfillment of the items would benefit my situation by (numbers correspond to the items listed above):

#1 Reliable transportation would allow for employment (and its benefits such as a livable wage, enhanced and possibly fulfilling relationships with coworkers, colleagues, customers etc. and routine) in a wider range that contains greater options and opportunities. Now i am limited to walking distance and I have found this to be very limiting in terms of the type of job and also the wages available.

#2 A warm and dry jacket is essential for the North Bay in the coming months and the jackets I inherited at the MIC may not make it through another season!

#3 Shoes are absolutely essential for work and living by providing support and protection.

Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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