Letter # 190 Illness prevents father from working and very much need Christmas help Letter # 190

Hello. I am asking for help this year due to my family’s situation. I recently had my third child and went through post partum depression. I ended up losing my job while on maternity leave, because my doctor kept extending my disability and my job was not willing to wait for me to fully recover. My fiancé has not been able to work due to a hip replacement he had a few years ago. He’s had a bone infection and multiple surgeries and he’s only 28 years old. Disability denied his request due to his age. We currently have a lawyer working on his appeal, but being the only one with an income taking care of 5 people has been difficult. I finally went back to work last month and my kids are 9, 2 and 8 months.
Life has been hard since losing my previous job. I don’t make as much as I used to and our kids are growing like crazy, so clothes and shoes are a huge need. I don’t ever buy myself or fiancé anything because our kids come first. Any help that we can get would be greatly appreciated. I pray every single day that our situation will change and things will get better. We are currently staying with family, so we can save and get our own place again, but it is so hard to save. We still have rent we pay to our aunt and between diapers and taking care of our family, we barley make it paycheck to paycheck. Help with clothes shoes basic needs and or a deposit so we could move would be life changing for us. We would like to be in our own place again for Christmas. That would be the best Christmas present any of us could ask for, especially for my 9 year old. She is very anxious to have her own room again.

Thank you for listening and have a blessed day
Girl, age 9 clothing size 14, shoe size 7
Girl, age 2, clothing size 4, shoe size 9
Boy, age 1, clothing size 2, shoe size 1.

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