Letter # 1959 Car Repair & Security System #1959

Dear Secret Santa, my name is Vivian and I am a disabled senior. I work in care giving part time, and I live alone. I suffer from PTSD, and Bi-Polar which I am being treated for as well as mental health psychologist therapy. I also have a learning disability in the area of dislexia. My main concern this year has to do with my 1994 Toyota Camry. It has been vandalized, and I lost valuable personal items as well as the stereo, it was also tampered with I think they tried to steel it, but I'm not sure, this is all due to the fact that I have to leave it unlocked because I don't have a key to the door. I am a trusting person, who lives in a safe area of Santa Rosa, and yet still, I am unable to leave it safely in my parking area due to the fact that I am unable to lock it. This causes me great anxiety every night, in fear it will be stolen, or vandalized again. I am asking for help in securing my Toyota, by providing me with a door key, or hopefully possibly a security system with an alarm that would deter any further break ins. This would help me sleep better at night knowing that I won't lose my car. I don't leave personal items in it anymore, but I am also unable to have a stereo, car mats, or anything that can be stolen in it. I hope you will be able to help me with this, so I can feel more secure, and be able to lock my car doors. Thank you so very kindly, your's truly, Vivian. :)
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