Letter # 1982 Single Mom of 3 #1982

My name is Tyree and I live in SANTA ROSA.

I am writing to you today because my family has a problem. Hi my name is Tyree Collins I am
Currently a single parents of 3 little ones Amaya who is 4 Zacc who is 3 and Kattia who is 1. After the Tubbs fires here in Sonoma county we lost our home due to back rent they would not take payment anymore of. Just because they probably wanted us out since then I have struggled to get on my feet I have been doing as much as I can to save for a place for us but not even with these rent prices that are so high will allow me to even apply or have a chance to apply I don’t make enough. I had a car but the unexpected happed and someone slashed all four of my tires. I currently just sleep in my car when I don’t have my kids but when I do I find family and friends to stay with . I have half custody half Of the time with me. It’s been a struggle. I do what I can for my kids and there mom does too but she does her part I do mine and somtimes I don’t like to ask for help but this year I thought I give it a shot it will be Kattia first xmas and would just love to Be able to give my kids anything I wouldn be able to provide .

We are wishing that Secret Santa can help us out by granting this wish. I just would love warm clothes for my kids my daughter amaya is a girl loves pink size 5t and 12 in shoes socks. my son he is 3t clothes 2t underwear is also usefull and sock and size 8 shoes my daughter Kattia is 1 in 18 months and size 4 shoes. Diapers and baby wipes would also be appreciated she is size 4. We would love blankets pillows anything to help with these cold nights . Any gift cards for food for Safeway grocery oulet anything helps we would just love to have at least one good xmas

If we were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. We ask for clothing which is important for my
Kids they go to preschool so it’s embarrassing to have to put the same clothes after they destroyed them In school just with slime stains or paint stains.beacuse I can’t afford more or to even wash them that week. Or with the bottom of there shoe falling off because I have to safe the next time because food is so expensive or I don’t have a place so I have to take my kids somewhere till we can find someone who will let us stay for the weekend/week/ or night . The clothes would help my kids a lot keep them warm at night like blankets and such. I’m sorry if I’m struggling with my words. But it is hard to express at times my hardships

Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.
Family Members
Age 4, Gender F, Warm Clothing 5t Girls, Shoe 12 Girls, Likes Likes color pink anything with water dancing and just anything not to picky she is very girlay., Underwear and socks also helpful
Age 3, Gender M, Warm Clothing 4t Boys, Shoe 8 Boys, Likes He loves anything that’s has to do with being a boy dinosaur cars trucks !! Mikey mouse playing jumping throwing things in the air , Underwear socks also very helpfull
Age 1, Gender F, Warm Clothing 18month Girls, Shoe 4 Girls, Likes She still a baby so anything that allows her to learn toys she love purple and dancing moving around playing running , Diapers baby wipes
Age 24, Gender M, Warm Clothing Size large or medium Mens, Shoe 10 Mens, Likes I love my kids playing with them watching movies and football is my sport Lakers and raiders are my teams I love basketball ball too .. , Do you guys help with tires I would love help getting tires for my car anything helps

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