Letter # 202 Isolated senior would like a televisionLetter # 202

Dear Secret Santa,

I am writing about a friend who is 74 years old and very isolated. She is disabled, lives alone, and cannot leave her apartment on her own. All of her family have passed except one daughter who lives in Southern California whom she hasn't seen for years.
She receives comfort from her beloved pets, Chihuahua and Macaw, but she is basically confined in her apartment because of medical conditions. As for many severely disabled folks, the only leisure activity that she can do is to watch television; however, her TV stopped working recently and she has no money to purchase a new one. She is on very fixed income and barely gets by each month after paying for rent and food. I'm wondering if you could be so kind to get her a new television. As I mentioned, she is very isolated and watching TV is the only way to get connected with and keep informed what's happening in the outside world. Thank you so much Santa!

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