Letter # 2024 Rohnert Park family in need #2024

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Laura's family who lives in ROHNERT PARK.

I am writing to you today because Laura's family has a problem. The mother and father are bith disabled and on ssi, they rely on cal works for their 10 year old daughter. They both have some pretty bad health problems at this time. The dad gas a live brain anyurisim and herneated disks in his back. The mom has several thing wrong such as herneated disks in her back and neck, she gets sever migraines, she has plantars fasciitis and Spurs in her feet. She just had surgery on one foot and will need surgery on the other foot soon. She also has something wrong with her white cells as they are very high. However the doctors do not know what is making that happen so they can not help her yet.
Their car just recently broke down and they had to spend the money they had saved to fix it to get there daughter to school and back and get to the doctor appointments.
They have a 10 year old daughter that they love very much but are unable to get her anything for Christmas as they don't have the money.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Laura's family out by granting this wish.
The daughter needs clothes for the colder weather and some boots (not rain boots) for winter. Also maybe a toy like a electronic scooter to ride. They could also really use help with food and if possible some warm clothes for the mom and dad.

If Laura's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. The warm clothes would really help this winter to keep warm and the boots would help keep the daughter's feet from getting wet. Also it would allow the daughter to fit in at school as she has trouble with that. The electronic scooter would allow her to play and be active outside with kids in the area, cusions and make some friends. The help with food would slow them to not worry how they will celebrate Christmas this year.

Girl, age 10, Clothes 16, shoes 6
Family Members
Age 40, Gender F, Warm Clothing 2x Womens, Shoe 10 Womens, Likes Horses and all animals, photography, spending time with family , Food for Christmas
Age 41, Gender M, Warm Clothing Large top and 32 pants Mens, Shoe 8 Mens, Likes Cars, electronics, animals, spending time with family and friends
Age 10, Gender F, Warm Clothing 16 or extra large Girls, Shoe 6 Womens, Likes Video games, animals, all sports, swimming, drawing, riding bikes and scooters, roller skating, playing with other kids and spending time with family , A electronic scooter

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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