Letter # 203 Mother wishes to thank daughter Letter # 203

I have worked hard in Sonoma County for over 15 years. I even have a degree from Sonoma State. A few years back I was in an auto accident and that is when my life seemed to never make it back. Between the auto accident and the heavy lifting at work I was just not able to do my job any more. I have been trying to get on disability for several years now with no luck. I feel as if I live under a black cloud. When you have no car to get you to doctors appointments or to resources you just seem to stand still somehow. Last year when the fires took place my daughter and I had no way to leave. We were flagging down cars just to get somewhere safe.
Santa, I know you may not have a car in your sled for me, but any type of transportation you can help us with would be great. We can use bus ticket, Uber/Lyft gift cards. My daughter is helping me and works so hard. I feel as if I burden her and I just want to give her a life back. If you could grant me a wish of some gift cards to get some groceries and I would love for her to be able to buy some new clothes. She loves starbucks and that would be great to show her how much I care.

Santa I know there are people out there more in need that I am, but I would love just a little something.

Forever a Mom

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