Letter # 2036 Evacuated family asking for help #2036

Hi I'm Teresa and I'm writing this letter to you because my husband, Pedro, works only part time and spends most of his income on paying bills, he also lost a week of work due to the Kincaid fire, we evacuated because we didn't want our youngest son breathing in so much air. I am also a stay at home mom so it makes it hard for us to buy gifts for all 4 kids. It would mean a lot to us if my oldest daughter which is 15 and my oldest son which is 17 could get warm clothing, they are both a size M. For my 10 year old son it'd make him really happy if he got a boys bike or clothing as well, he's a size 8. Lastly my youngest which is 4, he'd get really excited for superhero toys.
These gifts would keep my oldest children warm throughout winter, and my youngest children would be happy to play with their friends and show them their new bike and toys.

Thank you, My family and I wish you the best for this holiday.
Family Members
Age 17, Gender M, Warm Clothing M Boys, Shoe 8 Mens, Likes Enjoys drawing, is really into cars
Age 15, Gender F, Warm Clothing M Girls, Shoe 4 Mens, Likes Enjoys listening to music, loves warm clothing, likes candles
Age 10, Gender M, Warm Clothing 8 Boys, Shoe 3.5 Boys, Likes Likes to play with his friends, likes to play soccer and basketball.
Age 4, Gender M, Warm Clothing 4T Boys, Shoe 11 Boys, Likes Likes playing with superhero toys, enjoys coloring
Age 43, Gender F, Warm Clothing L Womens, Shoe 7.5 Womens, Likes Enjoys cooking, loves warm clothing
Age 39, Gender M, Warm Clothing L Mens, Shoe 9 Mens, Likes Likes to go fishing, likes long sleeves shirts

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