Letter # 21 Family with shortened work hours wishes gifts for children Letter # 21

Hola querido Santa secreto, mi nombre es Lorena tengo 4 hijos. Este año no voy a poder comprarle regalos a mis hijos porque como mi esposo y yo trabajamos en la uva en los viñedos se nos complicó mucho estos últimos meses porque nos bajaron las horas de trabajo y nos han subido la renta. Y sólo quería pedirte Santa que si por favor me ayudas a comprarle regalos a mis hijos. Muchas gracias.

Hello dear Secret Santa, my name is Lorena I have 4 children. This year I will not be able to buy gifts for my children because as my husband and I work on the grapes in the vineyards, it has been very difficult for us in recent months because our work hours have been lowered and our rent has gone up. And I just wanted to ask you Santa if you please help me buy gifts for my children. Thank you very much.
Clothes sizes:
boy, age 16, shoe size 10, c lothes size 18
Girl, age 14, shoe size 7, clothes size 16
Girl, age 6, shoe size 13, clothes size 7
Boy, age 9, shoe size 5, clothes size 12
Boy, age 6, shoe size 12, clothes size 6

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