Letter # 2176 Mother and son needing help

Hi my name is Cynthia. I am a single mother to a wonderful 2 year old little boy. I recently have a part time job but am struggling to make ends meet. I’ve been wanting to work in a full time job but i was recently diagnosed with severe lumbar strain. I hurt my back, back in 2013 and since then my back has just been getting worse; to the point were i cant walk at all nor carry my son. I received a hand me down mattress a few years ago and is making my back hurt even more. My son has been diagnosed with Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea which means his tonsils are enlarged and causes him to stop breathing while he sleeps; and have to accommodate his sleep posture.
For my son we would appreciate a boy scooter or a 12” tricycle and for both myself and my son if possible a queen size mattress or warm clothing
If the scooter or tricycle were to be provided my son would be happy and excited to be outside learning to ride one. Warm clothing will help us stay warm and the mattress will help with my back pain.
Family Members
Age 2, Gender M, Warm Clothing 6 Boys, Shoe 9 Boys, Likes Dinosaurs, farm animals, baby shark, dancing, singing, running
Age 27, Gender F, Warm Clothing Pants 15, shirts 1xl Womens, Shoe 7.5-8 Womens, Likes Spending quality time with my son, dancing

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