Letter # 2229 Rohnert Park family asking for Christmas help

Dear Santa:
This year it’s been really challenging for me as a single parent paying rent, clothing 3 children and feed them, taking them to school and paying day care is been really hard. This Christmas I would love to give my kids a really nice dinner and toys that they can use. It would be ideal if I could get help paying my rent but I know you can do just so much.
My wish for my oldest son is a Nintendo switch. He is a great kid and has great grades, tehe plays a lot of sports and love his brothers to the fullest. He really wants one!.
For my twins they have so much energy and they are the most beautiful little kids ever I would love them to have some bikes with training wheels as they don’t have one.
It will be an amazing time for all off us to ride together but I don’t have one. Santa if is possible for me to have a bike it would be an amazing gift. My mom has a lot of health issues and we are been spending a lot in medication, but for her I would love to have some type of gift car for clothes.
But at the end Santa I would love for my kids to have a white and beautiful Christmas with dinner and is around them as we don’t have any more family here. They are my gifts if you can’t give me any presents it’s ok, as long as you can provide for my boys. Please give my kids as they have gone through a lot and they deserve it.

Lio is 11
Will is 5
Dom is 5
My mom is 65

Thank you Santa we still believe in you.
Family Members
Age 5, Gender M, Warm Clothing 6 Boys, Shoe 11 Boys, Likes Soccer, bike riding , electric cards, swimming, painting , A bike with training wheel will be ideal, Nike shoes size 11, underwear, socks, pants
Age 5, Gender M, Warm Clothing 6 Boys, Shoe 11 Boys, Likes He loves playing with the computer, anything electronic, he love bikes, electrical cards, basketball, he loves legos. , Socks, pants , underwear will be ideal
Age 12, Gender M, Warm Clothing 12 Boys, Shoe 6 Boys, Likes He is in a swimming team, loves all kinds of sports, he loves video games and reading, he has a huge imagination he loves to build forts and play with LEGO and build a lot of cars and toys , Socks, underwear , shirts he has no sweeties and needs shoes
Age 65, Gender F, Warm Clothing XL Womens, Shoe 10 Womens, Likes She loves talking to people she is very friendly and loves the church and the community, she signs at the church and love serving people in need , Ideal is clothes and shoes for her
Age 20, Gender F, Warm Clothing S Womens, Shoe 8 Womens, Likes Swimking, going for walks walking at the beach , Underwear, socks, bras

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