Letter # 2232 Man in desperate need of long term help #2232

Dear Secret Santa,
I'm writing you because my family and I are not going able to have Christmas this year. After the fires, I lost my job and just applied for unemployment and still waiting for it, my landlord decides to call me and tell me she's putting the house up on the market to sell.

Now I really don't know what to d. Its hard enough to find a home, especially when the fires just happened. I never ever asked for help and never thought I would, but I really don't know what else to do. I understand there are others more in need, but if you have anytime or can help us with anything, we are grateful.

Tnk you
Boy,17, clothes large, shoes 13…..likes music and sports
Boy, 13, clothes xxl, shoes 9……artistic and music
Boy, 10, clothes 14, shoes 6.5….likes legos and a bike
Boy,7, clothes 10, shoes 5…..likes painting and crafts
Boy,3, clothing 5,shoes 13…likes games, outdoor stuff
Family Members
Age 17, Gender M, Warm Clothing Large Mens, Shoe 13 Mens, Likes Sports, basket ball, music making, shopping, jordans
Age 13, Gender M, Warm Clothing Xxl Mens, Shoe 9 Mens, Likes Xbox 1 games, art, painting, music keyboard, flute, drums
Age 10, Gender M, Warm Clothing 14 Boys, Shoe 61/2 Boys, Likes Legos, building, xbox 1, wants a bike,
Age 7, Gender M, Warm Clothing 10 Boys, Shoe 5 Boys, Likes Painting, crafts, roller blades, camera, swing set,
Age 3, Gender M, Warm Clothing 5 Boys, Shoe 13 Boys, Likes Play house for boys, mr. Potatoe head, bath toys, cooking set, Bed set, blankets

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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