Letter # 2325 Family would like bikes for Christmas

My name is Elizabeth and I live in SANTA ROSA.

I am writing to you today because my family has a problem. I work full-time and so does my husband but when the power outage happened I missed a week of work and I am behind on my bills and so Christmas is looking very bleak for my children I’m only able to afford our bills and that’s it I’m barely making it there. Our youngest daughter also has severe obstructive sleep apnea and so she needs surgery so we have to pay $400 for that and I have to miss work but the $400 co-pay is really not bad compared to how much it could be.

We are wishing that Secret Santa can help us out by granting this wish. I would really like a new bike for me and my husband and my daughter our bikes just got stolen from my apartment and that’s how we got around most of the time and so now we’re kind of in a predicament. We have Cars but our bikes were our family time. Also new shoes and warm jackets for our girls.

If we were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. If we were able to get bikes it would make it so we could have our family time back and my daughter wouldn’t feel so upset that her bike was stolen she cried a lot about it and I just don’t have the money to buy her a new one for myself, or my husband. Warm jackets are always needed and pants.

Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.
Family Members
Age 4, Gender F, Warm Clothing 5t Girls, Shoe 10 Girls, Likes Favorite color green so anything green. Pj mask, barbies, ninja turtles , Bike
Age 2, Gender F, Warm Clothing 2t Girls, Shoe 7 Girls, Likes vamperina, tayo The little bus, moana, Books
Age 27, Gender F, Warm Clothing Xl Womens, Shoe 9 Womens, Likes Work shoes. Bike
Age 25, Gender M, Warm Clothing Xl Mens, Shoe 10 1/2 Mens, Likes Work shoes. Bike

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