Letter # 2341 Family needing Christmas help

My name is Maria and I live in Santa Rosa.

I am writing to you today because my family has a problem. Our family is experiencing is that I dont work only the father and we dont get as much money.I would like for my family this year to get gifts because last year there were no gifts under the tree

We are wishing that Secret Santa can help us out by granting this wish. Since I have 3 kids,2 boys and 1 girl,I would like for my 7 yr old boy to get clothes like jackets size 8-10 and sweats also size 8-10 and shoes size 1 1/2-2 in kids size..For my second child who is 12 yrs old and is another boy for him to get New Jackets size Medium in Mens,and sweats for the winter that are size Large also new shoes size 6 or 7.For my 13 year old girl,Jackets size Large and ripped jeans size 9,Also off shoulder shirts size M or L in teenager clothes,also warm clothes for winter like sweats size large and socks size medium.Also shoes size 7 or 71/2 and winter boots.Also a polaroid camera because she has been wanting one since last year.
Also some new toys like legos or coloring books.Also some coloring utensils like mildliner markers.

If we were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. The items i have listed above will benefit the situations because new clothes can keep my kids warm and the new shoes can help them play more.The coloring books can help them take off time and color with other kids.

Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.
Family Members
Age 7, Gender M, Warm Clothing 8-10 Boys, Shoe 2-3 Boys, Likes Playing basketball and he likes coloring and build legos.He also likes playing with hot wheels.
Age 12, Gender M, Warm Clothing Medium Mens, Shoe 6 1/2 or 7 Mens, Likes Basketball and riding bikes.He also likes to build legos and also enjoys playing with hot wheels and he also likes the warriors.
Age 13, Gender F, Warm Clothing Medium Womens, Shoe 7 or 7 1/2 Womens, Likes Volleyball.Coloring.Face masks.mildliner markers.Reading.Horror movies.
Age 37, Gender M, Warm Clothing small Mens, Shoe 6 1/2 Mens, Likes Basketball and soccer.Cleaning cars.Spending time with family.Going to the park.
Age 33, Gender F, Warm Clothing Medium Womens, Shoe 7 1/2 Womens, Likes Spending time with kids.Sewing.Cooking.Gardening and likes plants.exercise and walking and running in the prak

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