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Dear Secret Santa

I am a single mom to two kids ages 6 and and 18. We have had a very difficult few years. In 2015, I escaped a bad domestic violence relationship with the father and that started a hard custody battle to keep us safe. I lost all my family and friends over it except a family who became mine. They then moved to Colorado and they were what held me and my life together as I fought the courts for protection. I was then all alone.

I lost my job because I wasn’t able to cope with all the stress, fight in court to stay safe, and take care of my kids.
My oldest daughter was on home and hospital for the last two years of high school over medical conditions and I often couldn’t provide for our basic needs. I also became very depressed, lost my family, and everything. My daughter graduated and after her 6th surgery is healing and in college.

We have very little now, but I won what I needed in court to keep my kids and I safe. I’m now enrolled in a Paralegal Program, working part time in a local law office, and rebuilding our lives.
My young son struggles from the abuse from his father and watching the struggles our family is rebuilding from. I often can’t put food on the table and it is so sad.

We really miss the ones closest to us, because they moved to Colorado, and my 6 year old old was born with his friend there. They think they are brothers but remain in contact via phone and pen pals.

It would be a dream come true to be able to go for a visit. I often see cheap airfare on southwest.com, but I can’t afford it. We have a place to stay there as we see them as our only family and my kids think it’s their grandma too.
The only other cost is a rental car because the distance they live on the mountains. I find cheap rentals on Costco travel, but I don’t have the money.

I often don’t have money to fully pay all the bills and do grocery shopping, so usually it’s one or the other. My kids have gone without many things these last few years as our lives rebuild. They are survivors and I’m very lucky. It also saddens me that my little one doesn’t have a scooter like his friends or other toys and books.
My daughter needs clothes really bad and has suffered the worst, because her medical issues and her being old enough to understand more of the hardships we have.

I pect to graduate as a Paralegal in May 2019 and be fully able to get a job that I will not have the worries of going without anymore and being able to have decent healthy meals again for my kids.
I also need major dental work that I don’t have insurance for. I have bone loss and may lose some teeth if I can’t get the treatment needed.

I am reaching out in hopes that I can get some help this holiday season for my kids because they have been through so much and deserve a happiness that they haven’t had in years. Our life is building again without the abuse we suffered for so long. Happiness is coming our way and we are very deserving and appreciate any assistance. I also look forward to being able to give back the same way once I am able. I thank you for reading this.
Happy holidays.
Boy, age 6, clothing size 6, shoe size 11
Girl, age 18, clothing size 12, shoe size 6
Mom, clothing size 12, shoe size 7

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