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Hello I’m Courtney Cozee In February of 2019 my two year old son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), an incurable genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness now travels to Columbus every 2 months to receive an experimental medication known as eplirsen which helps create dystrophin in his "It has made some small, but very definite improvements. Being a single mom of four kids is emotional and physically exhausting, but I wouldn't change it for the world. These PAst 6 months have been hard with extra doctor visits due to being sick. I'm currently unemployed because I couldn't keep karson from not staying sick. I have four brilliants kids Autumn who is 5 Karson 2 kaylee 7 months and I recently just took rights over my niece who is also 4. They are all very special kids I wouldn't change having them for anything they aren't picky. I live in muhlenberg county central city Ky 42330 thank you god bless
Family Members
Age 4, Gender F, Warm Clothing 6 Girls, Shoe 10 Girls, Likes She loves jo jo civa, loves to color do make up. She loves doing lesson activities on her numbers letters name on a tablet she’s really wanting her own. She just got her own room so is also wanting trolls bedroom set. , Needs socks
Age 2, Gender M, Warm Clothing 2t Boys, Shoe 6 Boys, Likes He loves paw patrol. Loves music and anything with lights loves dinosaurs and is an aninmal lover, Just any kind of boy toys
Age 1, Gender F, Warm Clothing 6/9 months Girls, Shoe 2 Girls, Likes Needs a walker and play mat learning toys diapers size 2 wipes bottles and sippy cup
Age 7, Gender F, Warm Clothing 7 Girls, Shoe 1 Girls, Likes Like dolls make up doing her hair wanting a tablet loves pony’s anything girl

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