Letter # 2456 12 year old needs track shoes

First, I am embarrassed to even be in the position to need to write a letter to secret santa. I am a single mom of an amazing 12 year old boy. He has been very patient and very helpful since things have gotten increasingly hard with income and rising rent costs. I am sending a wish someone out there would like to help provide some cheer for him this Christmas. I have had a hard time keeping up with how fast he is growing and how active he is. I have done my best to shelter him from my stress of not being able to give him the same luxuries he sees his friends enjoy.
My son really needs a pair of good running shoes. He wishes he can participate in the track program in the spring but I can't pull enough money together to get him quality running shoes that will not hurt his growing feet. He is also growing out of hi clothes faster than I can buy them. He needs long sleeve shirts and new jeans. He i 12 and doesn't need toys. He has a passion for baseball and loves to collect baseball cards and SF Giants memorabilia. Or gift cards to take him out to dinner or movies or any activity would help make his world a brighter place. He is a really good kid who puts others first. He goes out of his way to help others when he sees them struggle.

I am not looking for anything for myself. Being able to see him smile and know he is comfortable in warm clothes and shoes that feel good would be a gift in itself.

I haven't had to ever ask for help. Every year I typically sponsor two or three hearts off the Friedman's trees. But watching the dates get closer and closer and know I can't afford a tree let alone anything under it, is breaking my heart.
It is really hard to even write this.
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Age 12, Gender M, Warm Clothing small Mens, Shoe 10 Mens, Likes baseball baseball card collecting running loves SF Giants , socks, running shoes, warm clothing/jeans (he is 5'3") wears a mens 30X29 jeans. Prefers nikes only since they last longer but any running shoes are great. Favorite colors are blue and green. Loves sf giants. size men's medium in sweatshirts and men's small in shirts

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