Letter # 256 Quadriplegic man aske for financial help to stay in his home Letter#256

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Joseph who lives in Bodega Bay.

I am writing to you today because Joseph has a problem. Joe Foot is a 62 year old single Dad of a disabled 7 year old. 5 years ago everything changed for him when he was in a motorcycle accident and became a quadriplegic. Despite seeming insurmountable physical, medical, financial and emotional challenges, Joe is happy to be alive and grateful for each day. He has an amazing attitude and could teach us all a lesson about appreciating what we have. Joe needs around the clock care. He has a live-in caregiver paid through In Home Supportive Services, but the caregiver has only had 3 days off in years! He is providing countless hours of care he is not paid for.

This causes so much stress and strain for both Joe and his caregiver. Joe is trying to hold on to his home, which has a mortgage of $2100 a month, so that can remain as independent as possible, have a home for his daughter to visit, and so he does not have to live in a Skilled Nursing Facility. He can barely afford his expenses. He does his best to earn part time income, but as you can imagine, he can only do so much given his condition. He is trying everything to make it work and keep his caregiver.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Joseph out by granting this wish. Please help Joe and his caregiver. His caregiver needs a break! Joe needs respite care that he cannot afford . Care is very expensive. We have done our research and the best value for the complex care that Joe needs is through Home Care Assistance, a licensed care agency. They can provide a 16 hour shift for $395. Another way you can help is to off set expenses by making one of Joe's mortgage payments of $2100.

If Joseph were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help.

We are asking this generous Sonoma County Community to sponsor several of these shifts, so that Joe does not lose his wonderful caregiver to burnout. 12 of these respite shift would only give this hard-working caregiver 1 day off per month for the next year! We know we are asking a lot, but there is not a more deserving person than Joe Foot.

Your generosity will allow Joe to remain in his own home where he can provide some stability to his blind 7 year old daughter. Your generosity will show Joe's caregiver that our community does value the difficult and important work he does day in and day out. Your generosity will prevent Joe from losing all he worked for his whole life, and prevent him from being placed in a nursing home for the rest of his life.

By checking this box you agree to fulfill this wish.

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