Letter # 279 Elderly woman needs a newer laptop and groceris Letter#279

I am a disabled senior who had to retire early because of a serious illness which doesn't allow me to leave my home. I have a very tight budget and try to live within my means. I have a used computer tablet I have enjoyed so much over the years. It is now very old and slow, however. It would be a dream come true to have a refurbished or new tablet from Santa to keep me connected with the world. . If that is not possible, I would really appreciate a Safeway or Walmart gift card to help me with groceries. My other wish would be to have some financial help with rent for January. Since the fires, my rent has increased by $150 per month. This has been a real hardship as I have lived in my current place for 20 years. I have never participated in the Secret Santa program but am impressed by generosity of our community. Thank you for considering me.

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