Letter # 287 A really good guy would like tires and a laptop Letter#287

Dear Santa,
First of all, I want to say that I’ve been a really good guy this year. I have gone a long way since my stay at the Mary Isaac Center. I got clean and sober, got a job, saved money, obtained housing, acquired my Driver’s License, a vehicle and have been involved with a community program called Opening the World which unites under privileged youth to go travel and participate with other programs such as Habitat for Humanity, etc. I have been a very busy person.

Since I am always on the go and want to make sure I keep reliable transportation, I wanted to ask if you can help me with tires for my car. The tread on my tires are starting to get worn down and I have plugs in the front left and rear left tires. I own a 2004 Volkswagen Passat. The price range I saw online was $250+. This present would help me tremendously because I cannot quite afford it at the moment. It would help me get to work, go to my recovery meetings, get groceries, doctors’ appointments and everything you need a vehicle for.
I am very proud of where I am going in life right now and I wish to keep moving forward.
I am currently working in the screen printing industry and I’m very interested in continuing down this career path. In order for me to advance, there is a series of courses that will earn me a promotion upon completion. I hope I’m not asking too much, but if I had a laptop I would be able to successfully complete these courses. This would also help me to continue moving forward in the right direction.
I believe that is all I really need or can benefit from.
Thank you so much for considering my Christmas wishes and I hope you all enjoy your holiday season. Merry Christmas!


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