Letter # 3039 Starting over clean and sober #3039

Hi I am writing about my friend Jenilee and her daughter Malyna who is 5 years old. Jenilee is a young mother who came to Santa Rosa to start a new beginning. Shortly after she was met with addiction but since she has recovered and has remained in recovery for the past year and a half. Jenilee has also since found a safe home for her and Malyna and she has been able to stay afloat ever since. Secret Santa would be so helpful in so many ways to Jenilee. As she regains her footing living in a place of her own and a helping hand would be nothing short of amazing for her and Malyna. As she rebuilds she has reached out to the organization I work for Intrepid Stores in Santa Rosa for help. Due to the lack of income as a single mother of 1 the help from our community would be received with gratitude and a humble heart.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Jenilee's family out by granting this wish. What is needed from Secret Santa would be warm clothing to help with the oncoming chilly weather. New socks and shoes as well and if possible some new toys because Malyna loves dolls !

If Jenilee's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. If the items were provided this would mean the world to Jenilee. As a mom the peace of mind knowing that your child is warm in times when you cant be there is priceless as well as warm dry feet. That is how Jenilee and Malyna would benefit if those items were received. If any toys were to be provided this would benefit Jenilee knowing that a helpful community was there for her as she watches Malyna open her presents on Christmas day !
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