Letter # 3040 Dreams can come true #3040

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Monique 's family who lives in Santa Rosa. Monique is a wonderful kind hearted woman who just recently got all 4 of her children back. Eva is 13 Byron is 11 Clair is 9 and Little Alexa is 7. At one point in these children's lives they either had to spend Christmas without each other and or without their mother and father due to incarceration and addiction. Once Monique realized she might loose all of her children she entered recovery and has now been living it out for the last 2 years. Along the way she fought to be reunified will all of her children all under one roof safe and sound. At the end of last year her dreams came true and with grace and forgiveness she was reunified with all 4 children. As many of us Monique struggles financially to make ends meet she works hard and never gives up, she is loyal now to her children and to the community that helped her get her life back. With the help of Secret Santa Monique can calmly enter the holidays knowing that in times of struggle the are amazing individuals there to pick you back up.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Monique 's family out by granting this wish. What is needed from Secret Santa would be warm clothing for all 4 children as well as shoes and socks to keep them warm as sometimes they do go to work with Monique for distance learning when she isn't able to find childcare so the kids can stay warm while learning. If any toys of any kind were provided the kids would be overjoyed.

If Monique 's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. If any items were to be provided from Secret Santa the burden of providing 4 children Christmas while trying to make ends meet at the end of the year would be lifted off of Monique. I think for anyone help of any kind provides the most warm feeling knowing that there are people out there during these very very hard times that want to still help with open arms !!
Family Members
Age 13, Gender F, Warm Clothing Small Adult/2 pants Clothing, Shoe 8.5 Shoes, Likes Teen stuff, Family Fun
Age 11, Gender M, Warm Clothing Small Adults top/Pants 14 Clothing, Shoe 8 Shoes, Likes Sports and games, Family Fun
Age 9, Gender F, Warm Clothing Med Adult/ 14 Pants Clotrthing, Shoe 7 Shoes, Likes Funn games, Family Fun
Age 7, Gender F, Warm Clothing 8 kids pants/ Med Clothing, Shoe 3 Shoes, Likes Learning Toys, Family Fun

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