Letter # 3048 Fearless in uncertain times #3048

Dear Secret Santa,
Let me tell you about my fearless friend Mariah and her young daughter Molly who is 8. As Mariah navigates through these challenging times as a single mother she has been unfortunately like all of us layed off off work due to the pandemic as well as being effected by the wild fires that continue to haunt us each year. As Mariah struggles to make it paycheck to paycheck she does suffer from lack of income. With the help of Secret Santa she would be able to cover her everyday expenses in the month of December stress free and wake up with Molly to open presents Christmas Day.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Mariah 's family out by granting this wish. What would be so kindly needed from Secret Santa would be warm clothing to keep Molly warm, girly boots because she is still in her boots phase and to pass the time while she isnt distance learning she loves arts and crafts and anything DIY !

If Mariah 's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. If these items were provided Mariah and Molly would be so grateful. It would also allow Mariah to take care of her bills for the ending of the year with the ability to enjoy Christmas with Molly as they open presents together !!
Family Members

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