Letter # 3049 Single dad who figured it out #3049

Dear Secret Santa,

Let me tell you about a dad who has stepped up and realized what is important. Robert who is a single father of 5 children. Robert over time has struggled to stay clean as well as keep his family together. Over the years he has missed numerous holidays with his children and most of all time getting to know them as well as bond with them. As we end 2020 I am happy to say that Robert has found recovery and is in pursuit of building a new life with his children and building healthy relationships with their mothers. As Robert rebuilds he stuggles to meet the needs of his children and the cost of everyday life. He does suffer from lack of income but is finding out that he is surrounded by a community of resource. This year will be Roberts first Christmas with all 5 of his children. What is needed from Secret Santa is warm clothing and shoes for all of his children as Robert does struggle to provide daily. If toys could be provided that would be wonderful as well. For Robert any help for the holidays would be a blessing !

If Robert 's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. If these items were provided for Robert from the Secret Santa program it would absolutely bring joy to all of his children. It would allow Robert to pay his rent and expenses for the month of December with confidence knowing that he with the help of Secret Santa and his community to provide a happy memory for him and his children.
Family Members

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