Letter # 309 Newly housed gentleman wishes for mountain bike for transportation Letter#309

I am writing this letter for my client that is in a Permanent Supportive Housing Unit in Rohnert Park.
This fellow has been in housing for 6 months after being homeless for quite some time. He is getting used to having a place and expresses that he feels lucky.

He has expressed a desire for a mountain bike, so he can go shopping without taking the bus. He is 6'1" and may need a size 26 or larger bike.
He also could use a flat screen t.v for entertainment. He has a radio with CD player, but would really like to watch movies etc.
Shoes: Nike's would be nice, he is a size 13 sho.

He is on a fixed income and is able to just afford the basics. We have worked out a monthly budget, so I can see what he means.

Thank you for your consideration.

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