Letter # 3815 Neighbor in need #3815

Dear Secret Santa,
I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Charles's family who lives in Rohnert park. I have known this man for over 10 years he is a hard working single father who takes care of his children the best way he can. He struggles to make ends meet as he lost his job and tries to maintain what the kids needs are and bills.

I am hoping that Secret Santa can help Charles's family out by granting this wish. I know the kids needs clothing shoes toys games maybe some food i would love to see them have a great Christmas.

If Charles's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. This would maje there Christmas they all would have warm clothing without stains shoes without holes and toys that actually work food to eat
Family Members
Age 12, Gender M, Warm Clothing 32/30 X Large Boys, Shoe 12 Mens, Likes Video games basketball football skateboarding
Age 10, Gender M, Warm Clothing 14/16 large Boys, Shoe 6 Boys, Likes Pokémon video games
Age 4, Gender M, Warm Clothing 14/16 large Boys, Shoe 3 Boys, Likes Action figures. Football. Cars. Remote control cars trucks. Art. Roblox
Age 1, Gender F, Warm Clothing 18 to 24 months Girls, Shoe 6c Girls, Likes Princesses. Dolls. Art. Dress up. Music

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