Letter # 3817 Multi family working together to make it #3817

Dear Santa, I am asking for help in assisting my family with Christmas.. Due to covid its hard for some of us to work also i have a new baby who is 1 years old so it makes it also more difficult for me to go to work I don't want to leave my baby with anybody right now during this time. I also have my niece and nephew I take care of and they have school at home. My dad doesn't work right now so my mom is the only one bringing in any type of real income. I'm getting EDD which is not much. There is six in my household my mom my dad me my daughter my niece and my nephew that I take care of my daughter Ava is 1. She would like some new warm clothes size 12 to 18 months and a kidzone DIY. This will keep her warm during the winter time and this will be a toy that will keep her happy around our house while I do housework. My nephew he is eight he would love to have anything. Then there's my niece she's 12 .. She would like the Barbie set and a gift card to Forever 21.. this will give her something fun to play with and still be a kid and then she'll be able to have some clothes to keep her warm for the winter.. Then there's my mom shes 60 she's really needs some nice good work shoes size 6 and black please and a nice blanket to keep her warm anywhere.. Then there my Dad he needs a nice robe and a nice pair of slippers size 10.. Then last is myself I do all the cooking so a nice new pot and pan set would be really nice since i do all the cooking.I hope when u get my letter Santa 🎅 u r able to fulfill some of our Christmas wants.. I know you have to help lots more families and we appreciate what you do for us Santa.. this will help to make a better Christmas for my family.. thank you to you and your elf's for all that you do especially during these hard times and daring Covid .. 🎅🎄🤶 P.S We've been good all year Santa ..and if u can make our dog Honey happy she said she would like a new outfit extra large she is a wolf lab 🐺.. Thank you very much and god bless..
Family Members
Age 8, Gender M, Warm Clothing Med sweater Boys, Shoe Size 4 Boys, Likes He Likes to ride bikes with his friend and loves video games .. Also likes to play with marbles and fidget spinners
Age 1, Gender F, Warm Clothing 12-18 months Girls, Shoe 4 or 5 for a 1year old Girls, Likes She love anything and everything right now. LOL , Kidzone DIY racer. Ballpit with balls to play in ..
Age 12, Gender F, Warm Clothing Sweater with friends logo Girls, Shoe Purple shoes Nikes 7 Womens, Likes She likes to play with dolls she likes bike riding with the family she does Art. She like playing bored games.. And she loves shopping at forever 21 , Purple beach cruiser.. Barbie camper set or Barbie kitchen set ..for ever 21 gift card for clothes
Age 60, Gender F, Warm Clothing Warm sweater sz M Womens, Shoe Black work shoes SZ.6 Womens, Likes Working in her garden when the weather's nice .. Spending time with her cats and loves coffee and chocolate, Black work shoes sz 6 warm blanket to take anywhere and keep her warm .. coffee and chocolate basket or maybe a gas gift card ..
Age 59, Gender M, Warm Clothing Sweater jacket size large Mens, Shoe Slippers size 10 Mens, Likes Loves working in the garden also loves fishing watching movies with the kids going on nature hike, Slippers size 10 a nice warm robe large some See's Candy. Or maybe a gas gift card
Age 42, Gender F, Warm Clothing Warm jacket with fur size Womens, Shoe Nikes size 8 Womens, Likes I like to go on bike rides with the family I like camping and like watching movies I like eating dark chocolate.. I like cooking and baking .. I like to go running , Pots and pan set portable DVD player Nike running shoes a portable record player maybe a goodie basket for me and my family. Gift card for gas to go back and forth to doctors offices to go shopping ..

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