Letter # 3945 Please help take the stress off my parents #3945

Santa, I am 21 years old. I live with my mom, dad, two sisters and brother. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions for my family and I. My brother has been dealing with epilepsy since he was 5 and is now 18. This has changed our entire family dynamic. My sister and I are full time students and could only work part time so my dad has been our only source of income. My mom stays home and cares for my family and I. Due to COVID, I lost my job and have not been successful in finding another job that works with my school schedule now that it is only online. This year for Christmas I would like take the stress off my parents. My family and I would greatly appreciate any help that is given to us. We are wishing that Secret Santa can help us out by granting this wish. I would like a laptop for school, my brother would love some Vanz shoes and my youngest sister also needs Vanz, as for older sister she needs amazon gift card for books. Lastly, my mom would appreciate gift cards for groceries and my dad needs help paying for my youngest sisters dentist bill for her braces that medical does not take care of. If we were able to get help from Secret Santa it would be greatly appreciated. If I were to get a laptop, it would benefit me throughout my educational career moving forward to Sonoma State. The shoes for my brother and younger sister benefit them by keeping their feet warm. My older sister would benefit from the amazon gift card because it would take stress of her plate and allow her to continue her education. The groceries would benefit our large family by having a nice Christmas dinner and with assistance for my dads dental bill it would take the pressure away from our family living from paycheck to paycheck. Thank you very much and I wish you the best for the holiday season.
Family Members
Age 21, Gender F, Warm Clothing Medium Womens, Shoe 6.5 Womens, Likes I enjoy painting my nails and practicing different makeup looks
Age 25, Gender F, Warm Clothing Large Womens, Shoe 7 Womens, Likes Stefani enjoys cooking and baking
Age 18, Gender M, Warm Clothing Large Mens, Shoe 10.5 Mens, Likes Brian enjoys riding bikes and fishing
Age 12, Gender F, Warm Clothing Extra large Womens, Shoe 8 Mens, Likes Breanna enjoys painting/drawing and doing craft activities.
Age 50, Gender F, Warm Clothing Extra large Womens, Shoe 8.5 Womens, Likes My mom enjoys cooking and baking.
Age 51, Gender M, Warm Clothing 2XL Mens, Shoe 10.5 Mens, Likes David enjoys bike riding and fishing.

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