Letter # 4870 Family of four needs a little help with Christmas this year - 4870

Dear Secret Santa,
My neighbors could really use your help this year. I have known them for around 5 years now. I first met this family when the oldest was in 7th grade. Throughout the years this family and I have become very close. The older son has grown into a strong, respectful, responsible young adult and has the most loving, caring family to support him. He also has a younger sister who is a strong leader, she will help with anything and always volunteers first to support. She is an artist, an athlete and a scholar who is just trying to get by in this crazy world. She suffers from a medical condition that has really dampened her confidence over the years. Now, being 15 years old, she is such a confident young woman and has such a beautiful and kind heart.
Even though this family is supportive and loving, it does not mean that they do not struggle. I hope that someone can support this family with some grocery or clothes gift cards so that the family does not have to worry about something over this holiday season. It would be so nice if this family could focus on being a family and having fun together than how they will be paying the next bill. With new clothes, and some art supplies, my friend’s sister would be able to focus on a passion she has with the confidence that new clothes bring. For my friend, some warm clothes would make waiting for his parents a bit warmer, and some headphones that work would allow for him to not have to wait in the silence. Thank you for anything you can support this family in need with, they will be grateful for anything.
Thank you, Secret Santa, for helping out my friends.
Family Members
Age 17, Gender M, Warm Clothing . ., Shoe . ., Likes Sports Equipment, headphones, clothes, Gift Cards, .
Age 15, Gender F, Warm Clothing 10 Warm Clothes, Shoe . Shoes, Likes Art Supplies, Clothing, Hair Acc., .
Age 40, Gender M, Warm Clothing . ., Shoe . ., Likes Gift Cards Food, .
Age 40, Gender F, Warm Clothing . ., Shoe . ., Likes ., .

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