Letter # 4880 Struggling family needs some help for Christmas - 4880

Dear Secret Santa,
I know of a family that is really struggling this year. The parents are having to work double shifts to pay rent and make sure there is food on the table. The kids are strong and hard workers just like their parents. The two younger kids do not speak English very well, so communication is hard for them. It has been hard to bond with friends and classmates. They love spending time together as a family. It would be nice to help them have a good Christmas so they would not have to worry about anything for a day. The family would appreciate a gift card to a grocery store. The siblings enjoy board games, movies, books and fun snacks. Your help will affect this struggling family have cheerful holidays and be able to spend time together as a family without worrying about not having anything to unwrap under the tree. If you could help out this family it would mean a lot to them!
Family Members
Age 47, Gender F, Warm Clothing L Warm Clothes, Shoe . ., Likes Gift Cards, Clothing, hat, scarf, .
Age 48, Gender M, Warm Clothing L Warm Clothes, Shoe . ., Likes Hats and Clothes, .
Age 11, Gender F, Warm Clothing 14 Warm Clothes, Shoe 4 Shoes, Likes Art Supplies, Hair Ties, slime, .
Age 18, Gender F, Warm Clothing L Warm Clothes, Shoe . ., Likes makeup, purse, hats, .
Age 3, Gender F, Warm Clothing 4T Warm Clothes, Shoe 8 Shoes, Likes Toys, warm Blanket, .

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