Letter # 5115 Kid thriving now #5115

Dear Secret Santa,
Me and my family recently moved from Petaluma to Windsor. We didn’t have a stable place to live so we were staying with friends when we could. We now live here in Windsor and we are working on building ourselves up financially we have four children that are really thriving with the move. We are having a hard time being able to afford a nice Christmas for them and with everything that our family has been through they deserve it. My husband works and try’s his hardest to provide for all of us I am currently unemployed at the moment but looking forward to finding a job as soon as possible. We are asking for any help that you are able to give and we will be greatly thankful. Thank you for your time. God bless.
Family Members
Age 12, Gender F, Warm Clothing L Womens, Shoe 6 1/2 Womens, Likes Emma loves to sing and relax with her crystals, she loves to curl up in a comfy blanket when she gets home from school and she loves to garden in the back yard
Age 10, Gender F, Warm Clothing Small Womens, Shoe 2 1/2 Girls, Likes Addison loves to play tackle football but can be very girly she loves art and sculptures, she also loves to relax with her crystals football is her life niners are her team
Age 8, Gender M, Warm Clothing 10 Boys, Shoe 1 Boys, Likes Micah lives and breaths football his favorite team is the niners, he loves to draw and loves to play board games his favorite is chess.
Age 5, Gender F, Warm Clothing 7 Girls, Shoe 12 Girls, Likes Violet loves to play with babies and LOLs she also loves art and anything girly
Age 55, Gender F, Warm Clothing M Womens, Shoe 7 Womens, Likes My mom loves to walk in the morning to get her exercise in she loves a good blanket to keep her warm and loves to watch kid movies with the grandkids
Age 36, Gender M, Warm Clothing 3x Mens, Shoe 13 Mens, Likes Andrew loves sports anything niners or lakers is his favorite he loves to relax on his days off and loves to cook breakfast
Age 35, Gender F, Warm Clothing L Womens, Shoe 6 Womens, Likes I love to sing with the kids I love to cook and bake and I love to do self care anything that can help me relax I’m all for

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