Letter # 5167 Single to mom of 3-2 of them teens #5167

Dear Secret Santa,

I'll try to quickly explain our situation... I have my nieces and nephews and I don't have any kind of income for them. They just came to stay with me temporary cuz their mother and father got incarcerated, so therefore I will have them pretty much till they released. This was unexpected and I wasn't prepared for it, so now it's Christmas and I don't know what to do. My family member told me about your program and that's why I'm trying to get help. I'm not sure what to tell you. I now have three children.

Boy age 14 likes anime hoodies but he's like a XX large. Gift cards would be great for him to pick out what he likes.

Girl age 12 skateboarding and skateboard or something like that and she likes anime hoodies and just girl things and her size for hoodies would be like a men's size large

Girl 4 years old likes Barbie.

Santa I guess I'm not sure what they really like or need. I am so overwhelmed by my instant family. Please help.
Family Members
Age 14, Gender M, Warm Clothing Hoodie xxl pant 37 Mens, Shoe 12 Mens, Likes Video games ,drones,earbuds,Lego, blue rope lights gift card he likes basketball and naturo kakashi he needs a small shelf to put his belongings on any help men room decor
Age 12, Gender F, Warm Clothing Hoodie xl pant 13 Womens, Shoe 10 1/2 -11 Womens, Likes Drawing sketching all art supplies especially during pencils hoodies naturo baby with pacifier she wants she likes to double sleeve jackets like the jean jacket with the white hoodie underneath it she like skinny jeans just some stress distressed ripped that skinny jeans size 12 13 girl room decor and she's into skateboarding as I said maybe like a skateboard or she wants some skateboard like high tops or vans in like the punk rock style colors for design and something like a gift card
Age 4, Gender F, Warm Clothing 7 Girls, Shoe 1 Girls, Likes Loves Barbie needs clothing for the dolls also she wants the Barbie car like the Corvette and she wants to Winnebago the mobile home I'm also she likes I wanted to maybe see if she can maybe like a furby, maybe like a little table set or a little chair for a 4 year old her biggest wish is she wants the electric Mercedes like ride on car for like a toddler you know that you plug it in charge and drive like the Mercedes in pink or either the Barbie pretty much any like little girls play village she's into princess toys possibly like maybe a bike anything you can help but we appreciate it

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