Letter # 527 Mourning Mother trying to pay bills Letter#527

I am writing this letter on behalf of my friend and coworker.

My co-worker married her high school sweetheart and together they were raising a wonderful respectful well-mannered 7 year old son. She had such a beautiful family. She was always sharing stories of the wonderful times her and her husband and son spent together on family outing and riding their bikes through town.

Her world came crashing down 5 months ago when she received the call that nobody wants to receive. Her husband had been in a horrible motorcycle accident and passed away. That day her and her sons life changed forever. She become a widow at 35 years old! She had been with her husband since High School and now not only will she have to raise her son without her life partner but they will now have to face many firsts. First birthday without him, first thanksgiving without him, first Christmas. As you can imagine, they are having a really hard time.

A few weeks after the funeral she came to the realization that she could no longer afford to live in the home that they had been raising their son in on her own. She had to move. That move took a toll on her son who was devastated once again because he was still hoping to see his Dad walk through that door like he had for many years. This has been very hard on both of them emotionally and financially.

She is trying so hard to get through every day at the same time trying to help her son heal emotionally. She is trying to learn to live a new “normal”. While she is going through the motions of living without him, she has also been trying to make ends meet. She has worked for a non- profit for 4 years but her husband was always the main provider of her household. He worked 2 jobs to make sure they had what they needed. Our co-worker has made such a positive impact for her clients and it is her that now needs the help.

This Christmas will be exceptionally hard because it will be the first without him and I am hoping that somehow if we eliminate the financial piece she will have one less thing to worry about and be able to focus on her child and help him get through these painful days.

She is struggling to pay her passed due PG&E and other bills and barely makes enough to pay rent and put food on the table. Christmas is not even something on her mind right now as all she can think about is how to pay the bills she is behind on all while now only have one income. If we could help this family with their past PG&E bill, help with one month of their rent, some groceries, and maybe a gift for her 7 year old son, we could help this family get back on their feet and start the new year out in a much better place!

Thank you Secret Santa!

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