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I am writing this letter to you on behalf of a family I know who lives in Santa Rosa.
I am writing to you today because this family has a problem. My friend that just got here from Mexico is trying to get away from all the violence that there is in Michoacan. She is a single woman pregnant with two little ones living with a friend and she is unable to work until she has court to see if she can stay legal in this country. She’s a really sweet mother and really tries to give her kids the best she can but being in a different country is really hard for her. I try to help her as much as I can and I really hope that some heart out there could help her thank you and happy holidays
I am hoping that Secret Santa can help this family out by granting this wish. The familiy is in need of a lot of things dishes blankets for the winter clothes for the kids and even for herself I think at this point anything would helpful.
If Lorena 's family were able to get this help from Secret Santa it would help. This would really help her for winter and her kids to have a better lifestyle.
Family Members
Age 29, Gender F, Warm Clothing M Womens, Shoe 7 Womens, Likes Like to take walks., Again I am writing this letter for a friend she really needs a new phone it doesn’t have to be a new one.I see her every day struggling trying to make it work to get calls from school it’s very sad. I know it’s asking for a lot blankets would help as well.
Age 5, Gender F, Warm Clothing 6 Girls, Shoe 12 Girls, Likes She loves going to the park she loves playing outdoors., She tells me every day she would like a little Barbie house.
Age 9, Gender M, Warm Clothing 10-12 Boys, Shoe 4 Boys, Likes He likes to play soccer play outside.., He really would like A big remote control car..He really needs clothes
Age 0, Gender , Warm Clothing . ., Shoe . ., Likes ., .

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