Letter # 6321 Letter#6321 Disabled elderly women in need of warm clothes and a Keurig for her basic needs.

Dear Secret Santa,

My friend is an incredibly upbeat woman who is always smiling and thankful for all that she has in her life. She has been living off of social security for many years. Due to a horrible car accident where she broke her back and neck that made it impossible for her to drive and cook for herself.

During her recovery, she was diagnosed with a blood cancer which she still has. She has learned to walk again but is still not able to drive nor work. Her humble outdated mobile home is her sanctuary for her and her sweet dog. She takes pride in trying to hang decorative flags given by neighbors and keeps her walkway spotless.

Due to her illnesses, she has a very sensitive stomach. Her doctor recommended Maud's Spiced Cha-Cha Chai Latte pods made by Serendipitea tea company. You can find them on Amazon and they really help settle her stomach. No other brand of chai seems to do the trick as well as this one! She doesn't have a Keurig but just opens the pods, adds water and heats it up. We would like to get her a basic Keurig as well if possible. Her drafty mobile home makes winter a bit chilly. She would love some warm pajamas and thermal pants sized medium. She would love some indoor / outdoor slippers size 9 1/2 (large). We think her sweet dog Bella might like a new cozy bed (small dog) and maybe a bag of treats.

Thank you Secret Santa and I wish you the best for the holiday season
Family Members

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