Letter # 660 Fire victim asking for help Letter #660

Hello I'm Single mother with five children. This year I won't be able to give my kids a good Christmas, so I'm asking for someone out there that can give us a miracle.
We were affected due to the fire last year. We lived in Coffey Park and we lost everything. It's been really hard this year.
We believe there's hope and faith. Unfortunately I do not work. I have a son who receives Social Security. I pay the rent, water bill, electricity bill, and food. It's very hard for me.
thank you
Boy,12, clothing size 18, shoe size 6….skateboard, gift card
Girl,age 6, clothing size 8, shoe size 2….slipper, pajamas
Boy, age 13,clothing size 18, shoe size 8…ipod
Boy, age 8, clothing size 7, shoe size 2….legos
Boy, age 6, clothing size 8, shoe size 2….clothes

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