Letter # 748 Single Momof 3 asks for Christmas help Letter #748

Dear Santa,

I’m writing this letter in hopes someone could help provide a Christmas my children hope for and deserve. I have a 11 year old, 5 year old, and a 1 year old. All beautiful, smart, loving girls. I am a single mom without any help beside government assistance. There dad is no longer in their lives. So it’s just me. I have had several health issue that have not allowed me to return to work. I struggle to keep a roof over our head and pay utilities on time due to how expensive it is in Sonoma county. My children and I
would be so grateful to receive any help we can get.
My 11 year old struggles to get homework done, because we don’t have a computer and I’m not always able to take her to the library. She also has gotten teased at school for not having nice clothes.
My 5 year old has a hard time playing with other kids, because she doesn’t have a bike or scooter to join them, which she has been begging me for
My 1 year old could benefit from educational toys and diapers.
And of course we could all benefit from warm clothes. Or any extra financial help during these hard times.
I’ve never been the type to ask for help so this transition has been very challenging for me. I don’t want my children to be disappointed or feel less then by not receiving gifts for Christmas. So I am doing whatever it takes.
Thank you for reading our letter and I know one day we will all give back the help we receive during these hard times.

Sincerely, SARAH, Bella, Aria, Livi
Girl,age, clothing size 4, shoe size 8
girl,age 5, clothing sizde 6, shoe size 12
Girl,age 1, clothing size 24months, shoe size 8
Mom, clothing size 6, shoe size 8

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