Letter # 773 Schoolage student in need Letter #773

Dear Santa,

I know two brothers that attend the after school program that would benefit from some help this holiday season. They both live with their dad who works very hard but doesn’t have a stable living condition. The boys and their father are often moving around living with different family members, many times staying at multiple different family members houses in a week. Both of the boys wear very worn clothing that sometime doesn’t fit like it should. The younger brother wears shoes that are too big for him, and it makes it hard for him to run and play with his friends because he trips over his shoes. Dad could use gift cards this year to help offset expenses and to help him buy things for himself and the boys. The older brother also has to walk all the way across our town to get to after school care from his tutoring at school because he doesn’t have someone to pick him up. If he had a bike or a scooter I think it would help him not be so tired once he gets to after school care if he had a way to get across town quicker and easier.

Dad- Gift cards for food and household items

Male, 10- Sweaters and clothes (size 12) bike, bike helmet, sports equipment, legos, electronics

Male, 5- Clothes, sweaters, jackets (size 6/7), nerf balls, hot wheels, stuffed animals, legos

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