Letter # 783 Schoolage student in need Letter #783

Dear Santa,

We have a family with us who deserve an extra special holiday season this year. Mom has been working multiple jobs to make enough on a weekly basis in order to provide for her 2 kids. She does everything she can to keep her family safe, warm, and healthy, but sometimes it is not enough. We have recently noticed her daughter coming to club in clothes that no longer fit, and shoes that are worn and torn. She is a hard-working student, and I want to see her succeed. She may benefit from a planner or agenda to help her stay organizaed. For Christmas, this little girl could really use a nice new pair of shoes, Vans or Converse are her favorite, as well as some new stylish clothes that really fit.

Mom and little brother show up usually cold and tired in several layers of clothing, mom having just come from work, little brother from daycare, and I think a nice warm jacket or coat for each of them would help with the upcoming winter nights. Little brother is about 3 years old and I know he would love some new toys to play with. Mom can really use some help with food and some general household supplies this holiday season too. A gift card to somewhere like Target or Safeway would go a long way. She would also really appreciate some new make-up and/or toiletries as she usually has little to spend on those things for herself.

One other thing that would be awesome to provide for this family is a fun night out. A gift card for some movie tickets or one for some fun at the Epicenter would really help bring this family the good time they really deserve! Thank you!

Mom- Nice warm coat/Jacket-W XL, Gift card-general(target or safeway) ,Gift card for family outing (movie/Epicenter)

Male, 3- Toys/games/puzzles for toddlers, Warm clothes for winter

Female, 8- Shoes (Converse or Vans), Warm clothes for winter youth large/12/14, Board games for family, Slime/sensory toys, Study tool…?,Planner/agenda

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